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Quicksilver 635 Commander


This motorboat is well suited for a boat trip  ab to Porto Alcudia.

Well suited for day or week charters for small groups up to 7 people.

Directions to the port of Alcudia, where our boat trips depart, can be found below.


380 € day /day/dia


2130 € week/week/semana


Deposit 1000 €  

Reservation 10%


Reserve  now and pay directly by pressing the Buy Now button.

You need a Pay Pal account for this.

If you prefer to make a transfer, we will be happy to send it to youaccount detailsto.


You can pay the remaining amount   on site in cash or by credit card. In order to guarantee a reservation we absolutely need a deposit as our yachts in Alcudia are almost always at sea.


Please make a reservation now! Just click buy now

The rest you pay in alcudia.


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The ideal motor yacht for your private boat trip

the most beautiful beaches in the north of Mallorca.

The mooring is in Porto Alcudia from where you also

other excursions   can start around Mallorca.


Please also look at the sailing trip with ours

Sailing yachts in Porto Alcudia. Sail without previous knowledge 

with skipper from 2 people!

Find out morehere..










Directions boat excursion 
Port of Porto Alcudia - Alcudiamar - Esportiu 

You will find us   in the Port of Alcudia just to the left of the Bar Titanic.

Please drive through the barrier in  den Hafen to start your boat trip.

You get a parking ticket which you pay when you drive out. The parking fee per day is €7.80

Please drive as far as possible in the direction of the gas station to the Titanic bar !! 

Danger ! there is a dead end before, please don't let this irritate you, but follow the road past the taxis  .

The port is called Alcudiamar and is marked with small yellow signs saying Esportiu.

All boat trips in Alcudia start here. The motor boats orsailing yachtscan be rented by the day or by the week.

All boats, sailing yachts and jet skis are up to date and meet the required safety standards.

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