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Terms and Conditions | Illes Balears | Romantic Sailing Majorca


Terms and Conditions Romantic Sailing/ Allgemeine Sailing Conditions / Mallorca Sailing Trip / Boat Trip Acudia

1st cruise price (weekly charter andsailing weekendsailing Mallorca )

The cruise price includes the berth on the yacht and the expert support

a skipper. A board cash register  will be set up for catering, diesel, gas and port fees.

This does not apply to the sailing weekend because the yacht is always in theHomeport Alcudiamarreturns and is self-fed.

After consultation, another port can be controlled. The customer bears the costs.

The skipper is usually catered for by the crew. Romantic Sailing will take care of your physical well-being for an additional charge.

The day trips during the sailing weekend can  be booked exclusively.

Romantic Sailing can book additional people if they have not booked the sailing trip exclusively.

All sailing trips include drinks such as wine, beer, water, cola, fanta.

For day trips, all services such as skipper, port fees, yacht, diesel are included.

There are no additional costs than those agreed at the time of reservation.

Additional costs such as photo shoots, spa treatments or other activities must be clarified in advance.


2. Insurance & Liability

There is liability and fully comprehensive insurance for the yachts. However, everyone is liable

Guest to us for the damage culpably caused by you and/or

Losses up to a maximum of EUR 1,000 per claim. Did the

You are fully liable for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence.

Damage caused to the ship and/or inventory must be reimbursed on site. Around

To protect your personal accident risks, we recommend that you take out your liability,

Accident, health and travel cancellation insurance for participation in the sailing trip

to be checked and, if necessary, to make additions. For damages arising

resulting from participation in our sailing trips (personal injury and/or property damage

as well as possible consequential damage) we are only liable if the damage is due to

fault of Romanti Sailng or if it is due to gross negligence

or a gross breach of the accepted rules of seamanship

is proven. Romantic Sailing is not liable for loss or damage

of the personal belongings of the fellow sailors.


3. Change in performance by the organizer / force majeure

The traveler calls one day before the start of the trip and makes sure by telephone that the trip is taking place as planned.

If he does not call to find out more, he bears all the resulting costs such as rental cars or additional hotel bookings himself.

The planned course of the trip depends on the weather and can be changed by the skipper.

The same applies to unforeseeable technical defects, accidents or the like

are no reason for claims for compensation. If the route is changed to another sea area due to bad weather conditions, or the sailing trip is significantly

is made more difficult, endangered or impaired and has to be aborted, as a result of which the start and/or destination ports may also change, we assume no liability for this and the consequences.

The skipper is entitled to ask cruise participants from important

Exclude reason from further participation in the cruise and refer them off board in the next possible Hafen . Important reasons can be behavior directed against the interests of the crew and non-compliance with the skipper's instructions, as well as breaches of safety regulations. By booking a trip der Mitsegler confirms that he/she is physically healthy, possibly having poor eyesight due to glasses or contact lenses

to be balanced and to be able to swim.

Before starting the journey, the Schiffsführer creates a crew list. It contains the names, addresses and ID numbers of all co-sailors.

The data on this list will only be passed on to third parties in the event of an emergency at sea.


4. Sailing Contract and Payment

A deposit of 50% of the cruise price is due upon signing the co-sailor contract.

The remaining payment must be received by Romantic Sailing at least 4 weeks before the start of the trip .

For bookings made within four weeks before the start of the trip, the entire price must be paid immediately upon signing the co-sailor contract. The arrival and departure is at the expense of the trip participant and is not part of the sailing contract.

On request we organize a transfer to the port.


4.1 With the travel confirmation, the customer receives a security certificate. Furthermore

the amounts for deposit and final payment and cancellation of the trip result from the confirmation.


4.2 Romantic Sailing is also in case of non-achievement of the from the travel description

apparent minimum number of participants as well as in the event of unforeseeable events such as

Natural disasters or armed conflict entitled from the contract

to step back. In the latter case, the payments made up to that point will be refunded immediately.


4.3 The fees in the event of withdrawal and cancellation, any processing and

Rebooking fees and reminder costs are due for payment immediately.


5. Cancellation costs sailing and yacht charter 

A processing fee of 10% of the travel price per person is due up to 90 days before the start of the trip.

A processing fee of 20% of the travel price per person is due up to 60 days before the start of the trip.

Up to 40 days before the start of the trip, a processing fee of 50% of the travel price per person is due (deposit).

From the 29th day before departure 100% of the total price. 

Cancellation of the rental contract due to bad weather is not possible. However, an alternative date can be requested.

In the event of a trip cancellation, a travel cancellation insurance is expressly recommended.

The signatory of the contract declares by signing the journey contract,

that he has carefully read and understood the above contractual provisions.

5.1 Cancellation Costs for Day Trips

If you can't make it due to bad weather, you will get your deposit back if there is no alternative date.

If an alternative date is not accepted, the entire amount is due and you will receive a voucher.

If you cancel 50 days in advance, there are no cancellation fees.

After 30 days you get 50% of the deposit back.

If you cancel after 10 days, there will be no refund of the deposit and 40 % of the agreed price will be due.

If you cancel for personal reasons  5 days or less before the excursion, the entire amount is due

and you will receive a voucher that is valid for 2 years. This can also be transferred to others.


6.Participation in the events is at the customer's own risk. He declares to be fully responsible for himself and to take the necessary measures for the personal safety. Among other things, this includes putting on life belts and life jackets according to instructions. The participants also confirm that they can swim. Furthermore

each participant undertakes to immediately follow the instructions of the skipper of the yacht, necessary for navigating the vessel, and to notify the skipper of any event that could endanger the safety of persons, property or the vessel ,  to teach immediately.


7. Anyone who is mentally and physically fit and able to

sailing. Responsibility for these requirements lies solely with the customer.

Our guests are members of the crew, not passengers; you are participating in a sporting event.

There is expressly no contract of carriage concluded. Personally required medication must be in sufficient supply by the participant himself

quantity to be brought. The participant must note that abroad  there may not be any corresponding medication. Likewise, everyone has

Participants to take care of the necessary mandatory vaccinations themselves in good time before the start of the trip and to bear the costs for this. With the registration, the participant undertakes to familiarize himself with the customs on board before starting the journey

do. Any participation is at your own risk.


8. All costs and burdens resulting from non-compliance with passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange, drug and health regulations are borne exclusively by the customer who caused them, as well as the resulting costs for incurred damage.


9. In cases of force majeure, § 651j BGB applies. After that, both Romantic 

Both Sailing and the customer terminate the contract solely in accordance with this provision:


(1) If the trip is canceled as a result of force majeure that was not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded

considerably more difficult, endangered or impaired, both the

Tour operator as well as the traveler conclude the contract solely in accordance with these

cancel regulation.


(2) If the contract is terminated in accordance with paragraph 1, the provision of Section 651e paragraph 3 applies

Sentence 1 and 2, paragraph 4 sentence 1 application. The additional costs for the return transport are

to be borne equally by the parties. For the rest, the additional costs fall

burden to travellers.


10.Romantic Sailing can terminate the travel contract for good cause without notice. An important reason exists in particular if the customer continues to cause significant destruction despite warning, so that further participation is no longer possible for the organizer or the traveller is reasonable. This also applies if the customer does not adhere to objectively justified information.

A prior warning is not necessary for Romantic Sailing if the customer

disturbs the trip in a particularly rough way.

This is particularly the case when the customer commits crimes against body and soul

Life, sexual self-determination and the assets of the employees of the

organiser, service providers or their employees and others

This is the case for travel guests. Romantic Sailing is entitled to the travel price in this case, unless saved

Expenses and benefits from any other use of the travel service(s) result.


Claims for damages otherwise remain unaffected.

Unless otherwise agreed, the place of jurisdiction for both parties is Hamburg.

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