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Dear sail and Mallorca friend

Here you book directly with me your sailing adventure on  Mallorca.

On every sailing trip you can relaxe o learn how to steer a 14 m sailing yacht

If you like we can do private skipper training where you will learn how to get safely to any port.

Thank you for your trust,

Your Joern


Sailing excursion Formetor - Wine & Tapas


The sailing tour starts daily at 11 a.m. in Boniare and goes to Playa Formentor. If the weather is right, we will sail into a very small but incredibly beautiful bay or to Playa Formentor, where we will anchor at the famous Hotel 4 Saisens and the Isla Formentor.

You can try swimming, SUP and behind the wheel of our sailing yacht! Please contact us !

Including all drinks such as beer, wine, sparkling wine, water, cola and our popular tapas that are freshly prepared on board.
Book your desired date now and experience the most beautiful day of your vacation.