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Romantic Sailing - yacht charter

Romantic Sailing - Leave the stress on land...

Driven by the wind...Carried by the water....Forget everyday life, enjoy nature...
You can realize this dream faster than you might think.
Above all, sailing should be fun and our sailing excursions are individually tailored to your needs.
You don't need to take lengthy sailing courses if you just want to sail because practice is the best teacher. Experience a sailing adventure you've always dreamed of.

Sailing on Mallorca means bringing variety to your holiday, experiencing adventure and exploring new sides of the island. For a sailing trip with our team, you do not need any sailing experience, just the need to be carried by the wind and waves.


We design your sailing trip as a relaxed and uncomplicated experience.

The cruises   on the coasts of Mallorca are very varied and offer everything you could hope for from a day on the sea, from sandy beaches to rocky caves.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable day of sailing on a sailing yacht, catamaran or rent a motor boat to discover Mallorca's most beautiful sides.


The half-day trips are ideal for short relaxation in between. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, withdraw from everyday life and experience a new attitude towards life.

Full day trips offer the opportunity to choose more extensive sailing routes and to relax and snorkel even in the most hidden and remote bays. Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of sailing around the beaches of Mallorca and enjoy the freedom that only the vastness of the sea can offer.

So you can expect a great and exclusive pleasure sailing Mallorca. Experience how fascinating wind and water can be and discover Mallorca's coastal landscape while sailing, Mallorca from its most beautiful and exciting side from the water.


Would you like to experience an unforgettable company, club or family outing? Spend it on a sailing yacht or catamaran. Sailing experience is not required.


Enjoy a relaxing day on the yacht, relax, swim and snorkel in beautiful bays.

Due to the small groups, the sailing excursions have an extremely individual and personal character. If you are a larger group, please contact us, we will be happy to make you an individual offer 



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